Mobile Technology, Artificial Intelligence & Extended Reality

The AI revolution in healthcare is no longer aspirational – it is a reality that has entered every healthcare domain and specialty, with multiple benefits and complex challenges. Yet beyond both hype and angst, AI is our only current opportunity to overcome our current shallow medicine limitations and move towards deep medicine – diagnosing and treating patients with precision by incorporating their entire multi-omic (clinical, genetic, and social) make-up in the process.

Our intention to leverage technology and AI in surgical care is implemented through several approaches:

  1. by developing a communication platform between patients, families and the healthcare team: the “Journey of Surgery” patient communication app;
  2. by incorporating reinforcement learning algorithms in the patient app for improving both the risk communication process preop and the quality of the postop communication;
  3. by developing AI clinical prediction tools for improving the diagnosis and tailoring the management of perforated appendicitis;
  4. by applying natural language processing (NLP) to extract unstructured health record data for generating rich clinical data streams for use in the clinical predictions tools above;
  5. by applying NLP methods to medical abstract mining, library science, and automated systematic literature reviews;
  6. by leveraging deep learning processes to the VR-based simulation training environments for learner feedback and improvement.

Some of the specific tech/AI-based projects are showcased below.