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  • Grants and more grants
    Great news! Our “ML in appe” proposal got approved, first shot! Initially conceived as a way for our lab to gain expertise in AI, this is now a grown-up, 5-year, $400k funded grant proposal aiming to move the diagnosis of perforated appendicitis from the operating room to the ED. Appendicitis is like that – anContinue reading “Grants and more grants”
  • Improving Communication Skills In Healthcare
    Health sciences education is complex and unique. Health providers must learn vast amounts of knowledge and technical procedures and essential non-technical skills – including leadership, situational awareness, decision-making, good communication, and teamwork. Despite the essential nature of communication skills, they are rarely taught formally in educational programs.This blog will highlight key points to help educatorsContinue reading “Improving Communication Skills In Healthcare”
  • Prof. A. Robin Poole
    Prof. A. Robin PooleProfessor Emeritus, Consultant (Robin Poole Sciences Inc) of McGill University, Montréal,  Member of the Order of Canada Advice to a young scientist Follow your dreams; be determined and not put off by failures; go round road blocks; always help others as others helped you; keep knocking on that door; work hard; be very thoroughContinue reading “Prof. A. Robin Poole”
  • Mearcstapas, research estuaries, and gleaning
    Deep in an interesting book called “Culture Care: Reconnecting with Beauty for Our Common Life” Makoto Fujimura alludes to an odd concept with an even odder name: the mearcstapas.  In Fujimura’s own words, it’s  “an Old English word used in Beowulf: mearcstapas, translated “border-walkers” or “border-stalkers.” In the tribal realities of earlier times, these wereContinue reading “Mearcstapas, research estuaries, and gleaning”
  • Got a logo?
    Yes we do! Thanks to an incredibly resourced crowd-sourced effort, we’re proud of our new logo. It highlights the key connection between people, teams, and domains – while keeping the human person at the center – with just a dash of neural networks mixed in!

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