Our team

We’ve got an awesome team. All young, enthusiastic, and bright. Or at least all enthusiastic and bright – some of our youth is not chronological…

Dan Poenaru MD PhD

I’m a pediatric surgeon who discovered recently that research is my true love and maybe even raison d’être… I am passionate about good communication in surgery, putting the child and the family in the center, and equity in surgical care globally.

And I believe that augmented intelligence and extended reality will revolutionize surgical care and education, and am committed to do all I can to see that happen!

You can check my CV here and my pubs here.

Sherif Emil MD, CM

My research focuses on optimizing outcomes of a number of common pediatric surgical diseases and exploring innovations in the treatment of chest wall anomalies. I am also initiating a large research effort in enhanced recovery after surgery, patient-reported outcomes, and patient-centred care and partnerships. I am interested in elevating the quality of pediatric surgical research through engaging in prospective studies, clinical trials, and multicentre research. I currently serve as Chair of the Canadian Consortium for Research in Pediatric Surgery (CanCORPS), a consortium of 15 pediatric surgical centres across Canada researching together ways to minimize variability in care and optimize patient outcomes through collaboration and innovation. Finally, I am heavily involved in global surgery and interested in studying ways of increasing pediatric surgical capacity in low resource settings.

Elena Guadagno MLIS

I’m the Research Director working with the pediatric surgery team at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. Prior to this, I worked as a senior librarian at the MUHC medical library. My career started in managing and designing Library Software.

My main interests lie in supporting improvement in patient & family centered patient care both in research and as a patient partner, pediatric surgery including Pediatric Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS), artificial intelligence in communication, global health and more. Nationally supporting outstanding multicentre research efforts through the Canadian Consortium for Research in Pediatric Surgery (CanCORPS) and the Canadian Biliary Atresia registry (CBAR).

See my publications.

Fabio Botelho MD, MSc & Julia Ferreira MD

I, Fabio, am a Brazilian pediatric surgeon and the current Jean-Martin Laberge Global Pediatric Surgery Fellow at Montreal Children’s Hospital. My research focuses on investigating improvements in pediatric trauma care – the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in many countries in the world, including Brazil. My strong belief is that “surgery connects people and it is a tool for social change and global equality”.

I, Julia, also am a Brazilian pediatric surgeon, pursuing a Master’s in Experimental Surgery at McGill University. My research area is patient-centered care, connecting pediatric surgeons with patients and their families. I also lead a team of young surgeons in the fight against gender inequity in surgery.

Fabio and Julia have been happily married since 2019.

Check some publications here.

Zoe Atsaidis

I am a first year Masters student in Experimental Surgery. My thesis research focuses on the consent process prior to pediatric surgery, and aims to create a video tool in order to improve the teaching of effective consent. I’m also involved in a project concerning pediatric trauma outcomes in Quebec with other members of the Commisur Lab. Besides research, I work as a Unit Coordinator at the Montreal Children’s Hospital and lead the McGill branch of the Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research (CCGHR).

Anne-Sophie Besner

I am a Master’s student doing research on patient-valued outcomes and experiences in major pediatric surgery. My project aims to improve communication between patients, their families and the treating team, a topic I’m quite passionate about! Aside from my research, I devote part of my time to my new council position, as I got elected as Vice President of Communications of the Experimental Surgery Graduate Student Society in September 2020.

Want to join our team? Send us an email at dan.poenaru@mcgill.ca!