Patient-Centered Care

Patient-Centered Care

Patient-Reported Measures

At the heart of patient-centered care are patient-reported outcomes measures (PROMs) and patient-reported experience measures (PREMs), allowing the children’s and their families’ voices to be heard in surgery. Several graduate students are conducting major projects in this area.

Scoping reviews of PROMs and PREMs in pediatric surgery (completed)
Use of the patient-generated index (PGI) in the long-term follow-up of children with congenital surgical conditions
Adaptation and validation of the PREM-CYP to Montreal
A long-term registry of PROMs and PREMs of children who have undergone neonatal surgery and their families

Personalized Communication

This little-explored area in surgery comprises a broad spectrum of projects aiming to improve and personalize the communication between children, their families, and their surgical care providers. Some of the areas which we are exploring together at CommiSurLab include:

Shared decision-making (SDM) and risk communication
Precision communication
  • Scoping review of precision communication concepts and definitions (completed)
The consenting process in pediatric surgery
Trust in pediatric surgery

Sex and Gender Research

We have started exploring this essential emerging area of research, through several studies exploring the effect of gender on the access to care and surgical outcomes of children in LMICs.

  • Access to care and outcomes of children with surgical conditions in Africa
  • Access to care and outcomes of children with surgical conditions in Asia and the Middle East