Research wisdom from Prof. A. Robin Poole

Advice to a Young Scientist

Follow your dreams;
be determined and not put off by failures;
go round road blocks;
always help others as others helped you;
keep knocking on that door;
work hard;
be very thorough in proving a point experimentally and in discussion;
make sure you really know the literature in your field;
don’t be afraid to use and create new technology to meet your goals;
don’t be a prisoner of your technology like some are; collaborate with others with complimentary skills so that together you can tackle a research topic that is not possible on your own;
never cut corners in your experimental work;
communicate concisely and clearly in a manner that all can understand;
be really patient;
plan ahead and keep on top of your grant and manuscript writing;
believe in yourself;
always remember what a privilege it is to be a scientist and to be able to help others through your work;
maintain a careful balance between work and relaxation with family, friends and loved ones.

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